We helped gather support (2001 – 2011) for the inclusion of questions on Scots in the 2011 Census resulting in interest from the following countries – Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Spain and the US.


Ann Reilly, Florida, USA
We must all support the Scots language. Scotland has lost too much through the years.

Natalie Nimmo, Glasgow, Scotland
I wonder how many confused people think that Scots is mere colloquial dialect?

Sheila Douglas, Scone, Scotland
The refusal of the Scottish Executive to recognise Scots in 2001 is actually in breach of an agreement we have signed up to in Europe.

Christine Robinson, Mid Calder, Scotland 
A public education exercise will need to be carried out before the Census to ensure that people who speak Scots are actually aware of the fact.

Kevin Cox, Dunfermline, Scotland
Keep Scotland’s unique identity alive and separate from UK culture.

Anna Darmody, Cupar, Scotland 
A question on Scots must not only be included in the 2011 Census but the language must be taught in schools, colleges and universities and enjoy equal status with English in public life in order to restore the confidence, self esteem and basic human right of every Scots man and woman.

Michael Montgomery, South Carolina, US
As the Honorary President of the Forum for Research on the Languages of Scotland and Ulster, I can think of a few things that would raise the public profile of Scots and overcome centuries of self-doubt in Scotland than the inclusion of a census question on the language.

Mark Thompson, Ballyhalbert, Ulster
Wishing you support from the Ulster-Scots community across the Sheugh.

Amanda McClain, Springfield, USA
Dinnae be complacent aboot yer history and heritage!

James Fortune, Derby, England
Language is self. Language is identity. How can we exist without our language?

Daibhidh Grannd, Glasgow, Scotland
This is a trilingual country – Scots, Gaelic and English. For Scots to grow, we need Scots-medium education. Nothing less will do.

Michael Hill, Ayr, Scotland
Scotland is blessed with having Scots and Gaelic alongside English, and it’s high time that Scots and Gaelic were completely equal status. No other country seems so intent on shunning its own culture and history as we are, and it is a matter of urgency that this pattern is reversed. As an Ayrshireman, I would love to see Scots given the respect and status its rich history affords it. The Scots cringe has been a problem for far too long and it still bamboozles me when one looks at other multilingual countries, why we allow ourselves to lag so far behind.   It’s time to change!

Ewen Denney, An Gearasdan, Scotland
Scots and Gaelic should both be valued and supported.

Geoff Crolley, New Cumnock, Scotland 
The English language is becoming corrupt, eg Fursday instead of Thursday, and this is happening in Scotland as well. Some say oor mither tongue isnae braw, but it depends on who is using it.

Peter Fielding, Shaw, England 
Any plans for phrase books to help us poor Sassenachs?

Susan Webster, Glasgow, Scotland
Originally from Rothes, I get strange looks when I speak in Glasgow.   It’s nae fair!!  Doric should be recognised as much as Gaelic.

Rosemarie Rounce, Dagenham, England
This is a great petition.

Keith King, Great Clackton, England
We must all support the Scots language.

Kathleen Procter-Moore, Australia
Wonderful site!

Vadim Krakovsky, San Francisco, USA 
Vadim loves Robert Burns and Scotland!

Elizabeth Langford, Holland, US
Long live Scotland and her native tongue.

Daniel Berridge, Pumpherston, Scotland 
All languages must be provided equal support.

Jeanette Wright, Ontario, Canada
Bring back all that is Scottish to Scotland.   We have been without it too long.   We are not English, we are Scots.  Let’s prove it.

Coby Jamieson Draper, Napa, California, USA
Born in Keith, Scotland.    Still speaking Doric to my two children born in USA!

Duncan Sneddon, Edinburgh
Nou is the time for Lawland fowk tae staun up an declare wir pride in wir culture an leid!

Sandra Howe, Oyne, Scotland
Nae aabody spiks English!

Russell Howe, Insch, Scotland
Afore speirin fowk gin they ken hoo tae spik Scots, fowk hae tae ken fit Scots is an fit kin o different Scots there is.  Maist fowk think it’s wrangly spake English.  The question maun be speirt!

Keith Morrison, Keith, Scotland
I am a proud Scot, resident in the UK.

Ian Thain, Keith, Scotland
Keep up the guid wirk!

Graham Innes, Aberdeen, Scotland
Aabody kens the North-east twang, or they should!!

Jeffery Charles Keith, Oklahoma, USA
Scottish.   Proud.

Anne Caluweart, Florida, USA
No language should be lost.

Irvine Henderson, Chester-le-street, England
Go for it!

Charles Robertson, Dunoon, Scotland
Get this snorl sortit!

Margaret Kerr, Goulburn, Australia
The loss of language is the loss of a civilisation, so we need to conserve our early language so that ancient secrets can be preserved for generations still to come.

Bill Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Council is to put up road signs in Gaelic, a language which was never spoken in the Lowlands.   Welsh would be more appropriate.   I was taught in school in Hawick that Lawland Scots was vulgar.   We need to preserve our dialects and, while we’re at it, let’s forget The Wives of Henry VIII and have The Scottish Enlightenment instead!

Alexander McDougall Reynolds, Bonhill, Scotland
One would hope that a new, higher value for Scots would do away with the need for “slang” or “Americanism” which I believe  to be the new “lazy speech” and do not consider it an evolution of the living tongue.

Robert Fairnie, Musselburgh, Scotland
Hou can a body imagine the thochts that wis gaun throu the heids o thair forbeirs if they dinnae ken the language thae thochts wis expressed in?

Ian Middleton, Lumphanan, Scotland
Very much support this effort to help retain oor mither tongue.

Ian Ross, Aberdeen, Scotland
Do all we can to keep the Scots language in all its different dialects.

Helen Steven, Washago, Canada
I was born in Edinburgh and it is so important to keep our mither tongue.

Carolle Ralph, Lossiemouth, Scotland
The Doric language and dialect of the North-east should be protected and promoted at all costs.   It is a wonderful, expressive means of communication and, more importantly, it is symbolic of our heritage, be it fishing or farming.   I am proud of my dialect and encourage my bairns to be, also.

Robert Henderson, Edinburgh, Scotland
A must for aw us yins.

Ian Cameron, Inverurie, Scotland
Wir aa Jock Tamson’s bairns.

Eleanor Turner, Elgin, Scotland
I don’t  speak the mither tongue all the time, occasional words now and then, but it is a valued language.

Geoff Crolley, Cumnock, Scotland
Freedom of speech?

Isabel Cheer, Kelso, Scotland
As a North-easter who still speaks the Doric at home, I feel it is essential that Scots dialects are acknowledged.   Why does the Government persist in preserving every other culture’s identity except our own?

Don Esslemont, Palmerston North, New Zealand
I was brought up bilingual in English and Buchan.

Sandy Mathers, Laurencekirk, Scotland
A worthy cause.

Robert George, Buckie, Scotland
Keep it gaan!

Tom Hamill, Queensland, Australia
Our own language and culture.

Fiona-Jane Brown, Aberdeen, Scotland
Scots is what gives the Lowlands its linguistic identity, high time it had the same status as Gaelic.

Lynette Maddock, Keperra, Australia 
The Scots language must be preserved.

Peter Onrig, Dunfermline, Scotland
Keep it Scottish.

Isobel Harrar, Wheeling, USA
We must preserve our language.

Lorna Smith, Bishopton, Scotland
Although now living in the west, I still use the Doric and my family here use some of it.

Ian Russell, Aberdeen, Scotland
This is not controversial, just common sense and fair representation.

Graeme Sutherland, Portsoy, Scotland
We must protect our heritage and identity.

Dr James M Clark, Michigan, USA
We celebrate the tartan, Scotch whisky, golf, the Highland geography, so why don’t we celebrate the Scots language?  It’s as inherent to Scotland as the Bronx accent is to New York or the southern drawl is to Tennessee.   All should be recognised, encouraged and developed.   It’s what we and our cultures are.   Celebrate diversity and preserve a rich heritage.

Annette Hermse, Skye, Scotland
Much needed change.

J Jamieson, Fraserburgh, Scotland
Keep the Doric going.

Genine McMurray, Aberdeen, Scotland
Ay min.

Norman Thomson, Wick, Scotland
Spick Scottish.

Douglas Wilson, Madrid, Spain
The Scots leid deserves just as much protection, support and recognition as Catalan, Basque and Gallego now receive in Spain.   A fundamental part of that is its inclusion in all walks of life, including public life.

Julie Oakes, Brisbane, Australia
I strongly support the Scots Language.   It would be such a shame to see it die out!

Steve Allan, Ashfield, Scotland
This is a human rights issue.

Jan Walker, Frankston, Australia
Listen to the people.