Education Scotland to answer questions from S3 pupils on my experiences of the language since childhood.   Lots of well-considered questions from interested and intelligent youngsters.

We’re overjoyed, and greatly encouraged that 29 third-year pupils have since gained the SQA Scots Language award at CQF Level 4.   Rosie Daley, their committed and enthusiastic teacher, is now considering how to take this further in fourth, fifth and sixth year, and is currently discussing with local primaries how best to co-ordinate their efforts.   The primaries have already decided that Scots should be their third language (English, French/German, Scots) and it is hoped that a programme will be rolled out in August 2018.   In addition, if the 33-period week becomes a reality, there could be an elective for high school pupils in Scots.   A far cry from the early part of the 20th century when children were physically punished for speaking Scots in the classroom!”

* A network of individuals working with Scots Language Co-ordinators and local schools to help foster a positive environment for Scots to flourish.