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Written in Scots and English.

A wee selection o poetry excerpts, quotes an sic like tae celebrate the 250th anniversary o the birth o Robert Burns.

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Written in Scots and English.

A Wee Selection o Poetry Excerpts, Quotes an Sic Like
Tae Celebrate the 250th Anniversary o the Birth o
1759 – 1796

Gaithered bi
Marguerite Cruickshank, Mither Tongue
(Published 2009)

Measuring 12 cm x 16 cm, this wee book, unlike the hundreds before it (generally written by academics), has been compiled by an ordinary individual for ordinary folk, the excerpts having been chosen mainly for their ease of understanding, but also for their popularity, humour, beauty, humanity or wisdom, the Doric section being my own, not because I consider my efforts worthy of inclusion with the works of Burns, but because of a desire to celebrate North-east Doric, the language’s most distinctive dialect.

Split into 5 parts . .
(1) Quotes,
(2) Excerpts fae Poems an Sangs,
(3) A Drappie Doric,
(4) Condensed History of Scots and
(5) The Future?

the book provides a light read for anyone interested in Burns and / or the Scots language.

Burns said “The poetic genius of my country found me at the plough and threw her inspiring mantle over me.   She bade me sing the loves, the joys, the rural scenes and rural pleasures of my natal soil in my native tongue”.

There is no doubt that Burns’ passion for his language kept alive the voice of the Scottish people, something we at Mither Tongue are proud to continue.

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