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Designed by and available only from Mither Tongue.

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Designed by and available only from Mither Tongue, this premium quality bone china Wird Search mug was inspired by our home town of Keith but relevant to virtually every Scots speaker on the planet!   Featuring over 90 of Keith’s favourite Scots words (our informal survey), a delight for those who love their language and a must-have for all students of Scots!

affrontit – adj deeply embarrassed
bairn – n child
barkit – adj very dirty
bauchles – n old shoes
begeck – n unpleasant surprise, disappointment
besom – n broom, term of reproach for woman
bigsy – adj conceited
birl – v twirl
birstled – adj cooked to a crisp
bonnie – adj lovely, handsome, attractive
bosie – n bosom, cuddle
bourach – n group, crowd
bree – n liquid
breeks – n trousers
bubbly jock – n turkey
chantie – n chamber pot
clart – v smear with dirt
cleek – n hook
clype – v tell tales
connach – v spoil, destroy
contermashious – adj contrary
couthie – adj friendly
cowp – n tip
cowk – v retch, vomit
crabbit – adj bad tempered
crochle – v walk with difficulty, limp
deeve – v torment, pester
dirl – v tingle, vibrate
dookers – n bathing suit
dubs – n mud
draaers – n gents’ long underpants
dreich – adj (of weather) dull, damp
drookit – adj drenched
dumfoonert – adj dumfounded
fantoosh – adj very smart, grand
fashious – adj hard to please
ficher – v fiddle
flech – n flea
fooshty – adj stale
forfochen – adj exhausted, worn out
fu – adj full up, very drunk
futtrat – n ferret
gansey – n jumper
girn – v complain peevishly
glaikit – adj senseless, stupid
gowk – n fool
guddle – n confused mess
guid – adj good
gype – n idiot
hairst – n harvest
heelster-gowdie – adj head-over-heels
hippen – n nappy
howp – n mouthful of food or drink
hunkers – n hips
hyter – v walk unsteadily
hyze – n banter
jeelt – adj very cold
ken – v know
kirn – n confused mess
limmer – n rascal
loun – n boy
lousin time – n end of working day
midden – n dung heap
och – excl oh
orrals – n leftovers
oxter – n armpit
picher – n nervous excitement
plottin – adj extremely hot
plowter – v work messily
puddock – n frog
queets – n ankles
quine – n girl
roozer – n watering can
scunnert – adj disgusted, fed up, bored
semmit – n vest
siller – n money
sotter – n disgusting mess
stap – v stuff
stravaig – v wander
sypin – adj soaking
tapsalteerie – adj topsy turvy
tatterwallops – n ragged clothes
tattie-boodie – n scarecrow
tattie chapper – n potato masher
thrawn – adj stubborn
trauchelt – adj overworked, worn out
tooter – v proceed ineffectually
trickit – adj delighted
vratch – n wretch
wabbit – adj exhausted
worsit – n knitting wool
yestreen – n yesterday evening
yoke – v begin

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